Kayaking Speakers – JBL Clip 2 Review

The JBL Clip 2 seemed like the perfect solution to take with me on my kayaking trips – so i decided to give it a go.


In the search for a good waterproof speaker which i could take with me when kayaking, i came across the JBL Clip 2. Costing only $60 (£50, AU$80) and having received some good reviews, its Bluetooth and waterproof capability plus the convenient clip, the JBL Clip 2 seemed like the perfect solution to take with me on my kayaking trips – so i decided to give it a go.


Not wanting to try it in a lake, i first tested its floating and waterproof capability in the bath. Dropping it in the bath, it initially floated, but after about 10 seconds started to sink. It would be enough time to rescue it if you happened to drop it in the sea but you better make sure you notice it straight away. It’s rated to be submerged in just over a meter of water for 30 minutes. For someone who just wants it withstand the occasional splash of water whilst kayaking, it is more than enough.

The clip allowed me to position the speaker nicely on the front of my kayak using the bungee cords, which was close enough for me to adjust the volume but far enough to not get in my way. If i didn’t have bungee cords, my second choice would be my buoyancy aid.

The speaker lets you know when you have turned it on by making a satisfying powered up sound, it also makes a sound when you have successfully connected to a device via Bluetooth.This is a small feature but i found it to be very useful, especially when you are out on the water and can’t easily see the small light which also indicates that the speaker is on.

Having had problems with a previous JBL Bluetooth speaker, i was pleased to see how easy it was to connect to. When i left the speaker on the kayak and walked out of Bluetooth range to go for a pee explore an interesting island, i was very happy to hear the connected sound as i approached the kayak and find it connected to my phone automatically. It is also worth mentioning it does have an integrated 3.5mm audio cable for if your device doesn’t have Bluetooth capability.


I thought that the sound was quite impressive considering the size and price of the speaker. Okay, so the bass is a little weak and the sound can get a tiny bit distorted when on full whack but given the price, convenience and suitability for my kayaking trips, i can forgive that. It was quite fun to feel the bass reverberate through my kayak.

Another feature is its speaker phone capability, which could be useful during your trips. I unfortunately didn’t receive any calls when testing it out on the water, so i can’t say how good the microphone is when on the front of my kayak but it works just fine at home.

My trip lasted about 6 hours and I was able to listen to all my favourite tunes during this time. It officially supports up to eight hours of playtime, which is more than enough time for most kayaking trips.

I personally love this speaker. It’s lightweight, very convenient for kayaking and other adventure sports and it’s so easy to connect to using Bluetooth that i even use it when i’m at home.


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